Video Tutorials


Delta’s Video Tutorials are a quick way to get started with our RMC70, RMC150, and RMC200 motion controllers.

The Video Startup Guide offers a step-by-step procedure for starting up your RMC, including tuning.

Online Help

View the online help for Delta's motion control software:

Discussion Forum

Use the discussion forum to get answers to questions and get other technical information, such as recommended third-party devices and even example programs.


Delta offers classroom training, live online training, self-paced training, training videos and custom training. These trainings are invaluable in speeding up the learning curve.

Contact Delta

For new applications contact your Regional Technical Sales Manager.

Technical Support

  • Email:
    Replies are typically made within one business day.
  • Telephone: +1-360-254-8688
    Monday to Friday, 8-5 PST
  • Emergency 24-hour Support
    Help is available after hours and on weekends! First call Delta's telephone support. If there is no answer, the system will guide you through leaving a message on Delta’s support pager. You will receive a call from a Delta support engineer.


Delta provides prompt, cost-effective repair services on all products. Before sending products for repair, contact Delta to request an RMA number. Please include any information available related to the repair issues.

Do-it-yourself Hardware Evaluation Procedure
Delta often receives controllers for repair although there is nothing wrong with the hardware. To prevent this, before sending a RMC to Delta, you can use the following procedure to check whether there is actually a hardware problem.
RMC75 Hardware Evaluation Procedure
RMC150 Hardware Evaluation Procedure

Integration Services

Delta does not provide integration services, but can assist you in finding a qualified integrator. Contact your Regional Technical Sales Manager for assistance. For more information, visit the systems integration page.

Returning Delta Products

To ensure quick and efficient repairs

Delta tries to complete repairs within 10 working days and will try to expedite when needed. These tips will help speed the process.

  • Include a description of the problem; the more detailed, the better.
  • Include contact information for a person familiar with the problem.
  • Send the entire controller. If this is not practical, send a complete description of the controller including expansion modules (or send a legible photograph).
  • Ship by fastest service.

To minimize backwards-compatibility risks, Delta’s policy is to return the controller with minimal changes and with the same firmware version and program files that were in it when received. However, in some cases, the user files cannot be recovered, so it is important to always save all program files for all of your projects.

Product failures can lead to loss of controller settings. To prevent loss of data, make sure to save backup copies of all RMC project files.

  1. Obtain RMA Number from Delta

    Contact Delta to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. An RMA number is required for every return shipment to Delta.

  2. Package Product Properly in ESD Packaging

    Open circuit boards must be packaged in Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) packaging, or any warranty will be void, and credit will not be given for products returned for credit.

    Complete motion controllers with no exposed circuit boards do not necessarily need to be packaged in ESD packaging, although it is still good practice to do so.

    Use the product’s original packaging if available.

    If you need help obtaining ESD packaging, contact Delta for assistance. Delta can recommend sources, or send ESD bags to you. Or, paper towel, 100% cotton cloth or matte packaging paper is acceptable packaging. If you use paper towel, cloth, or matte packaging paper, make sure the packaging is applied such that it will not cause physical damage to the product and any additional packaging should not be plastic.

  3. Wrap in Cushioning Packaging

    After packaging the product in ESD packaging, additional non-ESD packaging such as bubble wrap, foam, or crumpled paper may be used.

    Do not use packaging peanuts! Peanuts generate static, can shift during transit, and peanut particles can get into the product.

  4. Include Note With RMA Number and Description

    Include a note with the product that lists the RMA number and, if returning a product for repair, a description of the problem. This information can alternately be included on the packing slip.

  5. Place in sturdy cardboard box

    The product must be packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. Do not use envelopes or bubble mailers.

  6. Write RMA Number on 3 Sides of Box
  7. Address to:

    Attn: RMA
    Delta Computer Systems, Inc.
    1818 SE 17th St
    Battle Ground, WA 98604 USA

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