Links Operating System

Note: Older versions are available that support Windows 2000/XP*/Vista

* Windows XP requires Service Pack 2 or newer. Versions 3.37.1 (June 2010) and earlier support Windows 2000 and Windows XP without SP2.


Setup, Tuning, Programming and Diagnostics Software

RMCTools is a powerful motion control software package for setting up, tuning, troubleshooting, programming and controlling all features of Delta's RMC70, RMC150, and RMC200 motion controllers.

RMCTools offers high-speed communications to the RMC75E, RMC150E, and RMC200 via USB or Ethernet and to the RMC75S and RMC75P via RS-232 serial.

Download RMCTools

RMCTools is available for download.

Learn how to use RMCTools

View training videos to learn how to use RMCTools.


Integrated Development Environment

RMCTools is an Integrated Development Environment, providing an immediate overview and easy access to all aspects of your motion application.

RMCTools Screen Shot

Plot Manager

The Plot Manager provides powerfully plotting capabilities. Plot any register, up to 48 registers per plot for the RMC200 Lite and 128 for the RMC200 Standard, sampled down to the control loop resolution. The detail window provides plot item values at each sample. Export plots to various file formats for use in Microsoft Excel and other programs.

RMCTools Plot Manager Screen Shot


RMCTools provides numerous intuitive wizards and tools to do anything from reducing your setup time to making complicated calculations easy.

RMCTools Wizard Screen Shot
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