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.NET Assembly and ActiveX Control

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Communicate with any RMC from a Custom Application

The RMCLink component enables direct communication with any of Delta Computer System's RMC family of motion controllers from numerous programming languages and applications.

RMCLink Video
Short video demonstrating reading a plot from Excel using RMCLink

Supporting serial RS-232 and Ethernet communications, RMCLink provides full functionality to read and write registers, read bits, and issue commands to all RMC controllers.

RMCLink comes with sample projects to help you get up and running quickly. The RMCLink help includes detailed walk-throughs and numerous code snippets.

Supported Programming Languages and Applications

RMCLink can be used from numerous programming languages and applications. It has three interfaces to make it intuitive and easy to use from any language.

The table below lists supported programming languages and applications and the respective RMCLink interface that should be used for that language. All the interfaces are included in the RMCLink download.

RMCLink includes fully-functioning example projects for many programming languages. These examples are ready-to-use and illustrate concepts such as reading positions, issuing commands, and reading plots.

Programming Languages and Applications RMCLink Interface Example
Visual Basic 5.0/6.0
VBA (Microsoft Excel)
RMCLink COM Component
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
National Instruments LabVIEW LabVIEW Virtual Instrument VIs
(based on the RMCLink COM Component Interface)
  • yes
MATLAB RMCLink COM Component
  • yes
Visual Basic .NET
Visual C#
Visual C++ with Managed
      Extensions (VS 2002/2003)
Visual C++/CLI (VS 2005)
RMCLink.Interop .NET Assembly
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
Visual C++ (Native Code) RMCLink C++ Wrapper Class
  • yes

Supported RMC Communication Ports

RMCLink can communicate via Ethernet, serial RS-232, or USB. The table below lists the ports on the RMCs that it can communicate with.

RMC Module RMCLink Supported Ports
RMC75E 10/100 Ethernet port
USB port
RMC75S RS-232 Monitor port
Note: If the serial settings on the second RMC75S RS-232 port are identical to the fixed RS-232 Monitor port settings, RMCLink can communicate with that port.
RMC75P RS-232 Monitor port
RMC150E 10/100 Ethernet port on the RMC150E CPU module
USB port on the RMC150E CPU module
RMC200 10/100 Ethernet port on the CPU20L and CPU40 modules
USB port on the CPU20L and CPU40 modules
RMC100 ENET port on the RMC100-ENET module
RS-232 Monitor port on the RMC100 CPU module


RMCLink is available for download on the software downloads page

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