Servo Hydraulic Design Guide

Motion Control Design Guide Cover

Delta’s Latest Design Guide Edition - Practical Design for Fluid Power Motion Control by Peter Nachtwey

The hydraulic design guide covers a wide range of topics including the basics of closed-loop control, cylinder-sizing, selecting valves and transducers, and motion tuning for optimal performance.

The advice given in this practical design guide will help you build machines optimized for precise position and pressure/force control, ensuring that both the hydraulics, electrics and controls are tuned for performance and precision. Check out the Table of Contents below for topics that may be of interest to you and your projects.

Table of Contents

1-1.On-Off vs. Closed-Loop Control
1-2.Closed-Loop Position-Pressure/Force Control
1-3.Feed Forwards Make Closed-Loop Tuning Easier
1-4.Selecting the Right Control Algorithm
1-5.Tips for Precise Pressure Control
1-6.Closed-Loop Control Examples in Cyclical Testing
2-1.On-Off vs. Closed-Loop Control
2-2.Choosing the Best Valve for Servo Hydraulic Control
2-3.Avoiding the Wrong Valves
2-4.Accumulators: Unsung Heroes of Hydraulic Motion Systems
2-5.What You Should Know About Rotary Encoders
2-6.Pressure Transducers Boost Precision and Reliability in Hydraulic Applications
3-1.Optimized Control Requires Fine-Resolution Feedback
3-2.Electronic Filtering Solves Problems
3-3.Adaptive Hydraulic Control
3-4.Active Damping Saves Energy
3-5.Modeling and Simulation

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