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Presented by Delta Application Engineers, these webinars pass along useful tips and tricks gained from many decades of experience in industrial motion control.

These webinars emphasize live video of the hydraulic lab systems at Delta. A quick review of RMCTools using the Video Tutorial series is a good preparation for these webinars.

Scheduled Webinars

All webinars begin at 8:30 AM Pacific Time.

Date Topic Duration Registration Info
March 10th, 2021 All About the Integral Gain
Delta Motion Product Manager Jacob Paso explores the Integral gain, showing how confusion can lead to frustrating system behavior, and ways that the powerful commands within RMCTools can be applied to the Integral gain term.
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Past Webinars

Available for viewing at your leisure.

Date Topic Duration Link Info
2/11/2021 Troubleshooting Made Easy
Delta Applications Engineer David McNichol presents a logical, step-by-step method for troubleshooting motion control problems, using the features in RMCTools software.
01:09RMCTools features covered in this presentation
02:08Video resources for learning about RMCTools
03:07Example system specifications
04:19Example scenario
05:04Flowchart - troubleshooting the issue
05:54Examining the User Program
07:55Examining Error Bits
14:26Using the Plot Manager to diagnose motion problems
20:23Tuning with the Tuning Wizard
32:52Program logic
1 hr. View
1/28/2021 Advanced User Programs
Delta's Motion Product Development Manager Jacob Paso presents a webinar exploring high-level user program concepts and techniques. A familiarity with RMCTools and the User Program interface will be helpful for following this discussion. A video introduction to RMCTools is available here.
01:07User Programs are a Powerful Tool - video examples
06:30Motion Programming: Controller or PLC
09:45Recommended programming approach
11:08Programming Example - multiple press cylinders
17:13Assigning User Programs to Tasks
28:05Continuously Running User Programs
31:37One Program Managing Other User Programs
35:23Dealing with a limited number of Tasks (RMC75)
37:13Commanded Axes Expressions - video example
45:45Troubleshooting User Programs
47:19The Importance of Documentation
49:38Q&A with examples
1 hr. View
12/9/2020 Using Plots and the Plot Manager
Delta Applications Engineer David McNichol presents some of the useful features of the Plot Manager in RMCTools, especially showing how to use plots to diagnose system problems. David will demonstrate a wide variety of the functions built into the Plot Manager, different troubleshooting indicators like Position Error and Current Program/Step, setting visibility of Status Bits, triggering plot captures, and correlating plots to the Event Log. There will be sections on the plot memory limits, how that impacts plot duration, history settings, and how to use plot data after it has been captured.
01:24Overview of RMCTools plots & example
03:43Applications for using plots
13:10Adding quantities to plots
23:00Viewing plot memory usage
24:15Capture and Trend - settings
28:18RMC plot storage limits
32:20Plot History tab
37:55Tuning with plots
38:55Standard tuning example
39:56Tuning example 2
43:55Tuning example 3
46:04Troubleshooting with plots: example 1
49:10Troubleshooting with plots: example 2
51:03Troubleshooting with plots: triggering a capture
57:10MATLAB data acquisition from the RMC
57:53Newly added features
58:41X-Y plots
1 hr. View
11/12/2020 Using Curves
Delta's Motion Product Development Manager Jacob Paso will be presenting on the flexibility provided by the Curve Tool. There are a number of different ways this feature can be applied. There will be a discussion of the commands within RCMTools specific to curves, as well as the technical limits and requirements for using them. The presentation will cover some possible ways the Curve Tool can be applied in different motion and even non-motion scenarios.

If you are not familiar with RMCTools software, you will find our RMCTools Training videos here.
01:29Examples & Applications
04:25Creating curves
10:29Running curves
14:19Camming to curves
21:03Absolute, Relative, Scale, & Offset
34:47Curves, Force Control, & Force Limiting
39:35Curve Add command & example
48:34Valve linearization using curves
51:12Expressions with curves, cycle index
1:03:262D Motion
1 hr. View
10/14/2020 Axis Synchronization & Gearing
Delta Application Engineer David McNichol presents some of the powerful features of the RMC motion controllers, axis synchronization and axis gearing. The ability to easily synchronize the movement of multiple actuators, or to gear the motion of certain actuators to other actuators at user-defined ratios in an easy-to-use format sets the RMCs apart from the majority of otion control products. RMCs can synchronize and coordinate motion between different kinds of actuators - for example, a servo-electric motor and a servo-hydraulic cylinder or cylinders. This webinar will present the different pre-programmed commands for synchronization and gearing, and the different approaches to the problem depending on the desired motion.
12:24Basic Gearing Setup
21:58Gearing to Curves (Camming)
30:29Flying Shear Example
42:50Press Example
1 hr. View
9/9/2020 RMC-HMI Communications
Delta Motion Product Manager Jacob Paso demonstrates the versatile communications built in to the RMC motion controllers. Delta puts an emphasis on supporting a wide variety of industrial communications protocols, and making the setup process as simple as possible. During this webinar, Jacob will be demonstrating RMC communications to a variety of commercially-available HMI's.

*We recommend watching the recording of the previous webinar Hydraulic Cylinder Tuning: Part 1, Position Tuning if you have not seen it already, to be familiar with the terms and RMCTools software.
05:08Supported Protocols
12:02Register Addresses
14:04Sending Commands
16:48C-more HMI Example
36:25Red Lion HMI Example
1 hr. View
8/27/2020 RMC-PLC Communications
Delta's Product Development Manger Jacob Paso demonstrates the versatile communications built in to the RMC motion controllers. Delta RMCs support a wide variety of industrial communications protocols, and make the setup process as simple as possible. During this webinar, Jacob will be demonstrating PLC - RMC communications configuration and troubleshooting, using an Allen-Bradley PLC as an example.

*If you haven't used Delta's RMCTools software before, we recommend watching one of our tutorial videos to become familiar with the menus and where things are located in the software. They may be found here.
07:38Communication Protocols
09:46Data Types
11:44Register Addresses
24:51The Indirect Data Map
30:17Sending Commands: AB PLC Example
47:45Cyclic Communications: AB PLC Example
01:03:04Summary: Communication Setup Considerations
1 hr. View
7/15/2020 The Misconception that Hydraulics are Slow and Old-Fashioned
Presented by GCC in cooperation with Delta Computer Systems. This webinar covers the advantages of using precision motion control for industrial hydraulic systems. The presenter is David McNichol, Applications Engineer at Delta Computer Systems. David explains how a modern motion controller, such as the RMC family of controllers from Delta, enables smoother operation, results in less maintenance, supports a broad range of popular and commonly-used industrial communications protocols, and returns more usable data about the status and condition of the machine.

*Please note the audio track has some compression due to recording settings.
08:28Speed + Precision = Controllability (w/ example)
17:52Why Hydraulic Motion Control?
22:31Force Control
26:07Application: Presses
29:56Application: Test - Adaptive Cycle/Amplitude Control
32:18Application: Test - Vehicle Simulation
37:19Hydraulic System Design Considerations
40:23Communication & Data Collection
1 hr. View
6/3/2020 Advanced Press Topics
Delta Application Engineer David McNichol and Regional Sales Manager Fred Babson present advanced techniques using an RMC motion controller in press applications. David and Fred discuss topics like transitioning from large servo-hydraulic valves to smaller ones for fine control, leveling while in motion, considerations for selecting position feedback, safety, and more. This webinar builds on techniques presented in David's previous April 14th 2020 presentation Press Control Applications.
08:17Valve Transitioning
14:41Example press cycle
25:33Multi-cylinder position control
34:55Four-cylinder press example & programming
53:39Difficult Systems
55:56Machine safety
1 hr. View
5/11/2020 Controlling Overlapped Spools & Non-Linear Valves
Delta's Motion Product Development Manager Jacob Paso demonstrates how to use RMCTools software with an RMC motion controller to get the motion you want from your hydraulic system, even if the valve you have isn't ideally suited for the job. Jacob specifically shows techniques for working with valves that have either overlapped or non-linear flow spool cuts to get the response needed from the system.

For a refresher on RMCTools features and common terms, we recommend watching the recording of Hydraulic Cylinder Tuning: Part 1, Position Tuning.
1 hr. View
5/7/2020 Troubleshooting Techniques
This is one of Delta Computer Systems frequently requested topics - how do I determine what is going wrong with my system? Delta Applications Engineer David McNichol takes you through Delta's troubleshooting process, making heavy use of the Plot Manager in RMCTools. The Plot Manager allows a user to visually monitor nearly every memory register in the RMC controller in real time. This powerful tool allow us to quickly zero in on the root cause of the system malfunction.

If you'd like a brief refresher, we recommend watching Part 2: Plots, of the free Delta RMCTools Training Sequence, found here.
1 hr. View
5/6/2020 Controlling Underdamped Systems
System oscillation can quickly lead to severe damage if not controlled. Delta Motion Product Development Manager Jacob Paso demonstrates tips and techniques for tuning underdamped systems, using Delta's Underdamped Hydraulic lab system. Jacob shows how to use 2nd Order Tuning in RMC motion controllers and RMCTools software to tame this challenging system.

If you are unfamiliar with PID gains and RMCTools software, we recommend watching Hydraulic Cylinder Tuning: Part 1, Position Tuning for an explanation of terms and a quick familiarization with RMCTools software.
1 hr. View
5/1/2020 Tricks for Difficult Systems: Quick Moves, I-PD, & Gain Scheduling
It is not uncommon to run in to difficult to control hydraulic systems in the field, especially when retrofitting older machines with modern control systems. Delta Motion Product Development Manager Jacob Paso demonstrates of a few of the tools and tricks in Delta's RMC motion controllers for taming difficult systems. Jacob will be demonstrating Quick Moves, I-PD control, and Gain Scheduling, plus more.
1 hr. View
4/30/2020 Delta RMCs in Testing Applications
Let Delta Application Engineer David McNichol show you how the RMC motion controller is a powerful and flexible core for physical testing systems. David shares system design considerations, User Program examples, and Commands which are useful for test systems.

*If you need a refresher, or are unfamiliar with RMCTools, we recommend watching the free RMCTools Training Sequence videos here.
1 hr. View
4/28/2020 Force Control & Tuning
Delta's Motion Product Development Manager, Jacob Paso, demonstrates how to tune a hydraulic cylinder to control the force exerted by the cylinder. Along the way, he shares tips and tricks that have been developed over many decades of controlling hydraulic systems of all kinds.

*The previous webinar Hydraulic Cylinder Tuning: Part 1, Position Tuning is recommended if you have not seen it already, to be familiar with the terms and RMCTools software.
1 hr. View
4/22/2020 Hydraulic Cylinder Tuning: Part 1, Position Tuning
Delta's Motion Product Development Manager, Jacob Paso, demonstrates what Proportional, Integral, and Derivative gains mean in a hydraulic system, explains Feed Forwards and how they are used to fine tune cylinder motion, and then shows tuning techniques using Delta's RMCTools software.
1 hr. View
4/14/2020 Press Control Applications
Delta Computer Systems Hydraulic Press Webinar, presented April 14th, 2020 by Applications Engineer David McNichol. David covers how to set up and precisely control position, pressure/force, and transition between position and pressure/force control and back again for one or many hydraulic axes, using the Delta RMC motion controller and RMCTools software.
2 hr. View

Webbinarier p? svenska

Tillg?nglig f?r visning p? din fritid.

Datum ?mne Varaktighet Inspelning Info
4/6/2020 Om vanf?rest?llningen att hydraulik ?r l?ngsam och gammaldags
Jacob Paso presenter p? svenska en ?versikt om modern industriell servohydraulik p? live hydraulsystem med fokus p? dess precision och styrbarhet. Live system inkluderar en hydraulcylinder med position- och kraftstyrning, en tv?-cylindrig press med elektronisk plattautj?mning (electronic platen levelling), och en 6DOF Stewart plattform.
1 h. L?nk
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