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Universal Input/Output Module Released for RMC200

August 20, 2019 - Delta Computer Systems, Inc. announces the immediate availability of the U14 Universal Input/Output module for the RMC200 motion controllers. The new U14 module combines several different input and output types in a single module, increasing configuration flexibility, including allowing RMC200 configurations from 2-axis to 32-axis, in 2-axis steps.

The U14 complements the high-density RMC200 I/O modules with a smaller number of a wide variety of I/O types. With the U14, users can add up to two extra control axes, bring in a variety of different reference input signals, or simply add additional analog and discrete I/O, all within a single module. The U14 analog I/O features four 18-bit resolution analog inputs and two analog drive outputs that are software selectable between ±10 V, 4-20mA, or ±20mA. Two high-speed channels are software selectable as Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI), Magnetostrictive Start/Stop or Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM), or Quadrature encoder inputs. Two high-speed discrete inputs provide homing or registration for the high-speed channels. Finally, there are four configurable, individually isolated discrete 24 Vdc I/O points.

The U14 Module release is part of Delta's ongoing commitment to providing the easiest-to-use and most powerful industrial fluid power motion controllers available. As with other RMC200 I/O modules, pre-wired cables are available with U14-compatible terminal blocks on one end and pigtails on the other end for connecting to terminal blocks inside a control cabinet, shortening installation time.

Steve Nylund, Delta's CEO, says, "Delta Computer Systems is committed to providing the best industrial hydraulic motion controllers possible. The Universal I/O module furthers this legacy while increasing flexibility for machine designers to optimize the RMC200 to best meet system requirements. The U14 module is backed by Delta's zero-obsolescence policy, 2-year warranty, free 24/7 factory support, and the freely distributed RMCTools configuration, programming, and monitoring software."

The RMC200 is Delta's newest and most capable controller, and handles up to 32 axes of closed-loop control and/or pressure control. Other members of the RMC motion controller family include the RMC150, which offers up to eight axes, and the RMC75, which offers one or two axes. All the controllers use the powerful RMCTools software.

RMC200 U14 Module, Cables

RMC200 U14 Module and optional pre-wired U14 module cables

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