Press Release

Prewired Cables Available for RMC200 Modules

March 25, 2019 – Motion Controller manufacturer Delta Computer Systems, Inc. announces the availability of cable assemblies for its newest product, the 32-axis RMC200. These prewired cable assemblies provide a compact, convenient option for short runs within a cabinet from the RMC200 Motion Controller to terminal blocks, providing more rapid installation for the user.

Two cable assemblies are required for each I/O module. Each assembly consists of a terminal block and one or more cables that are prewired to the terminal block using crimped ferrules for reliability. The six foot long cables have foil shielding to ensure clean signals, and pigtail ends for user connection flexibility. The cables are strain-relieved exiting the RMC module, and if multiple cables are used, the additional cables are color-coded for easier identification when terminating the pigtailed end into a cabinet terminal block.

RMC200 Prewired Cables

Prewired Cables for the RMC200 I/O modules

The RMC200 uses high-density I/O modules to achieve up to 32 axes of control in one unit. These pre-wired cable assemblies are part of Delta’s commitment to providing powerful, easy-to-use motion control solutions that reduce time needed for installation, setup and commissioning.

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