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Current Press Releases

11.20.2020Delta's RMC200 Becomes More Powerful and Affordable
08.14.2020Sean O'Banion Joins as Applications Engineer
02.10.2020RMCTools Adds Plot Auto-Save Feature
02.06.2020Delta Computer Systems Releases New Overview Video

Important Product Notices

08.22.2017Concerning Ethernet robustness of certain RMC75E and RMC150/151E controllers
02.18.2009Supported Loop Times in Certain RMC75S and RMC75P Controllers

Previous Press Releases

11.09.2019Delta Adds European Sales Office
09.25.2019Network Administrator Geoff Richards joins Delta Computer Systems
08.12.2019Universal Input/Output Module Released for RMC200
03.25.2019Prewired Cables Available for RMC200 Modules
09.17.2018Wade Nylund Joins Delta in Project and Quality Management Role
05.17.2018Delta Computer Systems is Growing in Staff, Products and Global Presence
03.23.2018RMC200 Motion Controller Expands I/O Options
02.26.2018Paul Huumala joins Delta Computer Systems as Applications Engineer
01.12.2018RMC200 Motion Controller Adds 5 Slot Base Module
11.30.2017IT Manager Don Turrentine joins Delta Computer Systems, Inc.
11.17.2017Delta Enhances Support for Test System Applications with XY plotting
10.03.2017Phil Lin joins Delta's Asia Pacific Region as Regional Sales Manager
09.22.2017Delta's European Region Adds Director of Business Development
08.25.2017Quadrature Encoder Capability added to new RMC200 Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controllers
07.28.2017David McNichol joins Delta's Product Development Team
06.26.2017RMC200 Motion Controller adds Larger Base Modules and Power Supply capability
06.23.2017Delta's RMC200 Motion Controller is now ODVA certified for EtherNet/IP
06.07.2017Delta Updates Hydraulic Training Labs
10.31.2016Delta Introduces the NEW RMC200 at FABTECH 2016
10.14.2016Delta and MCS Servo Exhibit the NEW RMC200 at InterSAW 2016
09.06.2016Delta Presents at FPIRC 2016 Fluid Power Innovation and Research Conference
09.01.2016Delta Computer Systems Adds New RMC200 Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controller
08.30.2016Delta Presents at IMTS 2016 Fluid Power Conference
06.13.2016Adaptive Phase Control makes Testing and Tuning Easy
06.08.2016Delta Presents at MSOE Fluid Power Technical Conference
03.12.2016Delta RMC Motion Controllers Re-Certified for PROFINET
02.12.2016Delta RMC Motion Controllers Pass Latest EtherNet/IP Conformance Test
11.06.2015Delta Doubles Warranty Period for RMC Motion Controllers
07.20.2015Jason Palmer joins Delta Computer Systems in Regional Sales Management Capacity
06.18.2015Delta Headquarters Buildout adds Space for Personnel and Training Labs
12.23.2014Adaptive Amplitude Control makes Testing and Tuning Easy
11.06.2014Delta Exhibited in China at PTC ASIA 2014
10.10.2014Delta joins Mitsubishi e-F@ctory Alliance
10.07.2014Delta adds Self-Paced Training for Motion Controllers
09.30.2014DELTA’s Nachtwey Presents at TPEE Portland 2014
08.01.2014RMCLink Connects MATLAB to Delta Motion Controllers
06.06.2014IT Specialist Aaron Bruckelmyer joins DELTA
05.30.2014DELTA’s Track Position Command Delivers Better Motion Control
01.31.2014DELTA’s Nachtwey Presents at IFPE Las Vegas 2014
01.24.2014Synchronized Position-Force Control for Multiple-Ram Axes
11.14.2013DELTA and MULTIPRESS Present at Fabtech 2013
05.13.2013DELTA’s Nachtwey Presents at PTC Asia 2013
05.13.2013DELTA’s Nachtwey Presents at Fluid Power Conference 2013
05.06.2013Motion Controllers add Redundant Feedback
03.25.2013Motion Controllers add Feedback Switching
12.07.2012Delta Adds Tabbed Interface to RMCTools
07.11.2012Randy Hanson Joins Delta’s Production Team
07.11.2012Mark Stevens Joins Delta’s Motion Control Team
06.07.2012Paso Presents at Fluid Power Conference & Expo
06.06.2012Gan Li Joins Delta Computer Systems
03.29.2012Delta’s Enhanced Plot Manager is now Easier to Use
12.05.2011Continuous Safety Monitor Instrument for Transmission Line Crews
11.30.2011Peter Nachtwey Presents at PELICE 2012
08.19.2011Output Filter Improves Force Control Applications
05.02.2011Steel Dynamics Improves Efficiency with MTS Sensors and DELTA Motion Controllers
02.25.2011Valve Linearization for Hydraulic Motion Control Retrofits
02.18.2011Delta’s President Presents on Motion Control Advances at IFPE 2011
01.24.2011Reid Bollinger joins Delta Computer Systems as SE Regional Sales Manager
11.22.2010Delta Reduces Motion Controller Cost with PROFINET IO
08.13.2010Curve Tool Makes Complex Motion Profiles Easier
04.19.2010Tuning Wizard for Pressure/Force Control
02.01.2010Universal I/O Module Enhances Motion Control

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